A MUST READ! Why My Girlfriend Denied Me Sex

I initially approached her during my 300 level first semester last year, though I was not straight forward letting my intentions known to her.

Then as we entered second semester same session I shot my shot and she accepted my proposal.

Throughout the three months we spent during the session, we only had wonderful romantic moments no sex though which I never demanded from her because I did not want everything to happen too fast despite realizing she keeps numerous guys around.

Fast forward, we entered another session our final year. And my birthday happened to be on the 26th of April, she got excited to celebrate with me and came for the first time to my new lodge.

As a nice lover, I served her her favorite food which we ate together then proceeded with our normal romantic gestures till I got to her panties and her mood changed all of a sudden, I still never mind and tried all I could to relax her mind for the act and she resisted and begged me to stop for my good sake.

I got angry and enquired why I should not have my way into her and her response still got me confused till now.

She told me that am one of a rare nice guy she has met in her life, that she doesn’t deserve me because she is not good in health and would not want to see me suffer like most bad guys she had come across, also that it will be more better for me to just enjoy friendship with her with no sex attached.

Ever since then, my mind has been pondering why she made those statements. Why she considers me nice and not deserving? Or is she giving me those excuses to deny me sex?

Please fellow Naijaloadites advise me concerning the situation.

Should I Quit The Relationship With Her And Move On?

I Will Be In The Comment Section.

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